Thursday, February 9, 2012

Workout DVD: Bethenny's Skinnygirl Workout

I'll start off by saying I am no authority on Workout DVDs. They always seemed rather hokey with horrible names like the Abs of Steel or Great Buns and Thighs. They sound more like machinery or a chicken platter than a workout. My feeling was always, if they don't take the name seriously than how can I take them seriously? 

After many years of following Bethenny Frankel's career via Martha Stewart's Apprentice to Real Housewives of NY and her recent reality show Bethenny Ever After, I have grown to love and respect her enthusiasm for helping others through healthy life choices. She has a fantastic line of cocktails, books (both cooking and lifestyle), clothing, and skin care. The Skinnygirl brand has expanded globally while still maintaining its original message of helping the everyday person live a healthy and happy life. 

When I first found out about her workout dvd's, I wasn't as skeptical as I typically would be. It's no secret that Bethenny has been doing yoga for 20 years, I mean look at her! She's fit as a whip. Of course her secret would be yoga, the workout that has been a Hollywood secret for years. Having used her products in the past, I knew there wasn't some behind the scenes ploy to get the consumer to buy into a phony product.

I bought the Body by Bethenny dvd over the summer (her first workout dvd). I loved it. The instructor Kristin McGee leads the workout with Bethenny, with a soft, calming voice that relaxes you, even if the moves can test you at times. With Bethenny's trademark wit, the workout is enjoyable and often times funny as Bethenny brings some comedy to yoga--a potentially boring workout style. The Body by Bethenny dvd focuses on the structure and movements of yoga. At only 40 minutes it is extremely convenient. I found it to be a great introductory program. 
Recently Bethenny released her second yoga dvd, Bethenny's Skinnygirl Workout. As much as I loved Body by Bethenny, I love the Skinnygirl Workout a thousand times more. It offers 3 sections, all roughly 15 minutes. It is incredibly easy for customization as you can choose how long you want your workout to be and which section(s) you would like to do. I find that Instructor Michael McArdle is a great balance to Bethenny's sharp tongue. The open instructing and conversation makes you immediately comfortable as if you are really there with them. This style of yoga focuses on strengthening and balance, two areas I find are perfect for everyone to improve. 

Now, I will mention this is a tough workout. It will definitely get your heart pumping at times. After the first time I did the Skinnygirl Workout, I was sore for days, my muscles screaming in agony. Part of the problem was that I pushed myself to do as the instructor did (not the best idea when they've been doing yoga for decades and I haven't.) You definitely don't have to push yourself like I did. After a week and a half of the workouts, I already notice a difference. My muscles feel tighter, my balance is stronger, and my flexibility has increased. 
I highly recommend Bethenny's Skinnygirl Workout for anyone and everyone. It is great for those who hate going to the gym and doing a mind numbingly boring routine (like myself) or for those who just want to try something new. With customization and the ability to improve with harder variations, this is a perfect workout for everyone. 

If you would like to buy Bethenny's Skinnygirl Workout click HERE. If you would like to learn more click HERE

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