About Me

My name is Chickey and I am a semi-fresh graduate out of college (Hofstra University to be exact). 
I have a real love of fashion which is why I started my own clothing and accessories design company called Chickey Designs. It offers whimsical and retro inspired designs. In an extension of this, I created the Chickey Designs blog where I post some of my own fashion as well as fashion worn by your favorite celebs. I absolutely love posting about fashion but noticed it limited me. 

I realized that the Chickey Designs blog didn't give me a chance to share my love of everything outside of fashion. That is where Chickey's Latest came about. This blog is a place where I can talk about products, places, tv & film, music, and books. It is the latest collection of all things I am currently obsessed with and love. 

I love to hear what you think about my posts so please feel free to comment with your ideas! (And don't forget to follow the blog!)
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