Monday, February 13, 2012

Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Check it Out

I've been admiring the Sally Hansen Salon Effects for some time now, afraid to commit to actually trying them. My experimentation with nails has only ever gone as far as nail polish. There was a fear element to trying something new. 
I love fun designs for nails but have found it to be near impossible to do myself. It was time for me to bite the bullet and try Salon Effects. They are nail polish strips that you simply peel off a plastic backing and place on to your nails. Simple enough, right?

The kit comes with 8 strips for each hand. Plenty of sizes to fit your nails (almost) perfectly. There is also a nail file and wooden cuticle stick used to help prep and finish your new nail look. 

These nail polish strips are sadly not the easiest product in the world. You will struggle a bit to mold them to your nail, and may have to stretch the strips to make them fit properly. The biggest problem is removing the excess. After a few nails, you get the hang of it. I found that folding the strip over your nail, then pulling at the sides (using your nail as the sharp edge) is the best way to remove the excess. Then you can use the file to clean off the pieces that still overhang. 

Only two of my nails were covered perfectly without a slight crease at the tip. I'm sure the more times you use the Salon Effects, the easier and better it becomes. If it is your first time, like it was for me, then choose a print. I used Check it Out, a houndstooth print, that was able to cover up a lot of my mistakes. At a regular distance you would never see them, only when you're very very close are the creases and other little mistakes visible. 
An added step I took was to use a clear coat of polish over the strips to really bind them to my nails. The only fear I had with the Salon Effects was that they'd peel just as easily off. The clear coat of polish solved this problem. Just like with regular nail polish, the strips need ample amount of time to dry and harden. I put them on last night before I went to sleep and today they are perfectly hardened and I don't have any of the worries I had had originally. 
I would recommend the Sally Hanse Salon Effects for anyone who, like me, doesn't have the time, energy, or patience to put into making detailed nail designs. 

If you would like to purchase Salon Effects click HERE. If you want to learn more click HERE.   

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