Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Places: Harry Potter The Exhibition

Today I visited Harry Potter: The Exhibition at Discovery Time Square for the second time. If you like the Harry Potter films or at the very least admire the craftsmanship in film design, you should definitely stop by the exhibit. 
This is from back in March (the 1st time I went).
The exhibit highlights some of the most well known props and costumes from all 8 films as well as some that aren't as well known such as the Gryffindor Bulletin Board that stands in the background shots in Gryffindor tower. 

The best part is that you can really appreciate the attention to detail. Everything from Colin Creevey's extraordinary petrified figure to the tiny cat pin on Umbridge's pink dress suit or the zodiac signs on the curtains of the Gryffindor boys' four poster beds. The exhibition has it all. (There is Harry's red sweater and corduroy pants from The Sorcerer's Stone and you just about die at how tiny he was!) 

The entire exhibition can feel like a walk down memory's lane if you, like I did, grew up alongside the release of the books and films. There are seven areas to walk through; 
Gryffindor Common Room, Classrooms, Quidditch (including Quidditch World Cup), Hagrid's Hut, the Forbidden Forest, Death Eaters and The Great Hall. 
Photos by Chris Hollo, Hollo Photographies, Inc.
It is definitely a trip worth taking and gives new insight to the beloved story. The Exhibition is currently in New York at Discovery Times Square until September 5th. Afterwards the entire exhibition, which is hundreds if not thousands of artifacts will be transported to the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney Australia. There it will run from Nov 18th to March 18th.

HERE you can find more information about the exhibition and how to get tickets. 

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