Monday, August 22, 2011

Candles: Seda France Japanese Quince

I have a serious love for candles, as do most girls. Some you like, others you find are alright, but its a struggle to find the candle that suits your scent preferences. Through years of searching and smelling almost every Yankee Candle ever made (and there are a LOT), I finally found the perfect candle. It happened to be by a company with the name of Seda France. Ever since I have had a growing collection of their candles.  

Seda France offers three collections; their classic toile collection, jardin du seda, and flora. Besides making candles they also provide room diffusers, room mists, hand lotions, and soaps. 

Their products not only have incredible aromas, but are extremely sleek decorative elements for any room. They are the PERFECT gift either for a major event or for a simple housewarming. 

You'll find that Seda France offer some of the best scents you will ever find for candles. My favorite is called Japanese Quince. It comes in a really adorable pagoda box. As the Seda France website states, "Appealingly provocative, Japanese Quince, is a piquant fragrance with aspects of rhubarb, passion fruit and white fleshed peach over a heart of white jasmine petals." The pagoda box candles are $32 each. 

The next time you are purchasing a candle for friends, family, or yourself, make sure to check out the Seda France line. I am sure you will find something you love. 

Purchase the Seda France products HERE

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