Monday, December 5, 2011

Hair: Frederic Fekkai Smooth Hair Cream

Winter means snow, hot chocolate, lots of Holiday films, and dry hair. To battle the dry hair plague that occurs every winter season, I use the Frederic Fekkai Smooth Hair Cream. It is an excellent product for re-moisturizing your hair. I have fine hair that can become very brittle if I don't take good care of it. The Smooth Hair Cream is what saves my hair in winter. 
After every shower I slather a little bit of the cream on my damp hair (you don't need a lot, just a tiny dollop!). It keeps my hair protected, shiny, and hydrated through the day. 

Every couple weeks I do a nightly treatment where I put a bunch of the hair cream in and leave it in over night. Then I wash it out in the morning. It conditions my hair really well for a soft full bodied look. 

I definitely recommend this product to all those looking for a hair care treatment to protect and re-hydrate their hair during the harsh cold and bitter winter weather. 

If you would like to purchase the Frederic Fekkai Smooth Hair Cream for $20, click HERE.

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