Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Television: Being Human (UK)

This television show is brilliant. Saying that once I explain the plot line you'll probably think its a joke. 

A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost live together. 

You thought it was the start of a joke didn't you? It is very far from that, though there is a great deal of humour in the show thanks to great writing. Here's a good example: 

George: Why hasn't anyone gone shopping?
Annie: Well I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been struggling with the whole "ghost" thing the last few days.

The show is actually a drama, following the lives of these three cursed individuals as they try to fit into society. In essence they try to be human, which is a lot harder than it sounds. They fight their own demons literally, mentally and emotionally about their situation and the lives they have led thus far. 

Our three leads are Mitchell, a vampire who is a reformed blood drinker (think alcoholic in AA), George, a nervous and geeky individual who hasn't accepted being a werewolf and fights morally whether he should be allowed to lead a normal life, and Annie, a ghost who is trapped in this world still in love with her fianc√© and unable to figure out the mystery behind her own death. 
What makes this show such a success is in its relationships. With a supernatural premise it is easy to lose the audience quickly. Just like other successful supernatural shows like Buffy where the relationships are the focal point and the supernatural elements are used as metaphors, Being Human understands how to make a fantasy show strongly cemented in reality for the viewer. This show centers on different perceptions of right and wrong, accepting your past to live in the present, making life choices that are sometimes influenced by peer pressure, making mistakes, and above all friendship and camaraderie. 

Being Human has garnered rave reviews and is entering its fourth season. I definitely recommend this as a show to watch. If you are unable to see the UK version, Syfy has recently released an american version. I hear some of the plot and storyline are the same. I haven't seen all of it so I can't justify whether its any good. 

If you would like to purchase any of the seasons click HERE. Make sure when purchasing that you buy Region 1, otherwise you won't be able to watch it on your dvd/blu-ray player in the US. If you want to learn more click HERE

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