Monday, November 21, 2011

Books: The Night Circus

The Night Circus was such a lovely book to read. I am not terribly fond of circuses, at least not the type of circuses we have today, so I was very hesitant to read a book set within a circus. 
The circus in this novel is unlike any that you could ever imagine. It is entirely black and white, with black and white striped tents, black hot chocolate being sold at the black and white concession stand and performers dressed lavishly in the monochrome colors. 
The story takes place over many years and follows two magicians that have been chosen for a duel. They are not told where or when the duel is, the rules of the duel, or how a victor is decided. All they know is that they must use magic, which they have both been taught since childhood from their extremely vigilant mentors. 

The two magicians, Celia and Marco soon fall in love which only makes the competition more complex as it involves not just them but everyone else who works at and attends the circus. 

I really loved this book. It follows a few different story lines that eventually mesh together for a very well connected ending. I highly recommend the Night Circus for some enjoyable reading. It has garnered rave reviews from USA Today, Newsday, L.A. Times, and Huffington Post. Summit Entertainment, famous for the Twilight Series, has also bought the rights to make The Night Circus a reality on film. 

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